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welcome to Northeast Train For A NEW Career
welcome to Northeast
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Why Choose Us?

We are certified educators, and trainers with over 50 years combined real-industry experience operating heavy equipment. Our passion is to pass on our knowledge, and experience by training you to excel in the Construction industry as a qualified Heavy Equipment Operator.

Value Training

Our low-cost, and accelerated training program will provide you with knowledge to enter the workforce as a qualified operator

Career Pathway

As a qualified Heavy Equipment operator, you will have a wide variety of jobs that can propel you into your next level in your career

Certified Training


Years Combined Experience

We are a hands-on Training and Learning Center created with the explicit purpose to train students how to operate Heavy Equipment. You will use the knowledge to succeed in the Construction, and similar industries.

Our students are actively engaged in obtaining the knowledge, skills, and credentials needed to succeed in the workplace.

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